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Fortune Cookie Tap Click Smash! : Home Delivery Edition

Felt the desire to amass a fortune cookie wealth?
Ever wanted to slice sushi out of a whale's blow hole?
What about dunk a biscuit in tea while on a Beef-eater?
Or steal a chili off a kangaroo and ram it in someone's eye?
Kung-Fu a chicken?

Now you can! And More!!

Click your way to a Fortune Cookie Fortune. Increase your value, Discover all the fortune's, level up, play a Set Menu.

Platforms: TBC
Release: 2017

Square In Underwear

Square In Underwear, you are a square wearing your favourite underwear and it's time to get through 25 levels and 5 bonus levels. Using your glitchy wall jump can you complete it?

I'll be honest I spent the art budget in the local and the rest is a blur so...

Get Square In Underwear from gamejolt.com here.

Get Square In Underwear Soundtrack here.

Fortune Cookie Tap Click Smash

Find your Fortune Cookie fortune!

Tap your way to finding all the fortunes.

A clicker game featuring AJ the Dog.

Squares Vs Circle

You are the last circle in existence after the Squares galaxy wide rampage. Defend yourself across four modes.

(On Hold)

Absence Fracta Est Terra

A platformer that blurs music and color.

(On Hold)


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